Zoom Chanel Ivory Mini Hoop
Zoom Chanel Ivory Mini Hoop

Chanel Ivory Mini Hoop

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These mini hoop earrings from Binky & Lulu are a fun must have versatile accessory. 

Binky & Lulu proudly stands with the cultural shift away from mass production and throwaway accessories by offering handmade one of a kind designs. 

Hoop Handling: 
Hand carved Mango wood is made into a one of a kind hoop. The hoops are sisters not twins. The nature of the material is fragile unlike the properties of typical plastic & metal jewelry. If handled properly with care they can last a lifetime. 

Hold and handle the wood hoop between your pointer finger and thumb directly behind the gold post, never place pressure on the arch to ensure a safe and happy hoop. 

Never put your hoops in a vulnerable state by placing pressure on the arch or storing without proper protection. 


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