Zoom Coconut & Citrus Spa Bar
Zoom Coconut & Citrus Spa Bar

Coconut & Citrus Spa Bar

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Bellė Hue Coconut & Citrus Spa Bar 4.5 oz

Full of vitamin C to awaken and energize your morning. This nutrient rich keeps free radicals at bay to reveal skin that is moisturized, radiant and toned.

At Bellė Hue they create products for all skin types with skin loving ingredients that are 100% natural. Every bar of soap is handmade with honesty + love. They are passionate, healthy, conscious and sustainable; using a cold press processing to preserve ingredient integrity.

All ingredients are 100% natural and sustainable. For every bar of soap, they give back locally and globally.

Cold-press Processing:

 A cold-pressed method is a mechanical process where raw materials are used and heat is reduced to preserve vital nutrients. This process delivers a pure healthy product that will leave your skin fresh and hydrated. 

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